Believe in You! (Confidence & Self-Belief)

Believe in You! (Confidence & Self-Belief)

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For those of you ready to see transformation in your life, smash yours goals, and be inspired to harness your Power and take control of your life this one is for you.

We have the privilege to have the amazing Bianca Boyce come and deliver a training on ‘Confidence & Self-Belief – Believe in You!’

Confidence and Self-Belief are two qualities she beliefs are vital and to success, and she will be sharing some tips and tools with you on how you can improve these areas in your life.


Learn how to build on your confidence and face every challenge boldly.


Learn how to change your belief patterns, and improve your self talk.

About the Trainer

Bianca was born and raised in London and grew up in a large family, being a naturally interactive and communicative young girl, she found it challenging to conform to the traditional style of teaching in schools, so she decided to work immediately after leaving high school.

By the age of 17, she had proven herself to be a natural leader and secured a Management position in retail.
By 19, she was a general manager of a quarter of a million pound business, and she continued to progress each year, managing large teams of people in the multi-million-pound establishment.

It was in this time that she began to understand how peoples minds work, and the individual factors of motivation
for different people. She realised her skill and purpose, of being able to evoke a state of peak performance in people, and her natural art of Coaching. After 13 years in this profession she decided to pursue Coaching, and Training as her sole purpose and vocation.