BUSINESS DAY WORKSHOP | 2018 Business Program S2

BUSINESS DAY WORKSHOP | 2018 Business Program S2

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No matter what you want to achieve in business, you need to have a plan.

Traditional business plans can be very lengthy and take a long time to write without being able to validate the idea or really look at the ‘What If…’ scenarios quickly and effectively.

Business Plan: In the first part of this day-long event, you will learn how to use the one-page business plan as a tool to quickly evaluate a business’s viability and explore options and changes rapidly. This will mean you get to the core of how your business can work without wasting time, and more importantly, money on a model that isn’t effective.

Value Propostition: At the heart of any business or business plan, lies the value you give to your customers. This is what they are willing to pay for, but do you really understand what that is? What is it about your business idea that will turn people from prospects into customers? In the second half of the day, we will look at how to explore a range of value propositions aimed at different markets to make sure the core of your business really appeals to the right customers.

This session isn’t just for people wanting to start a business. Established businesses will also grain tools that can help assess their current operating models and explore new and alternative options quickly and effectively.


Your trainer:

Ben Hawley, as a Business Startup Advisor, he has helped above 150 get started up in the last two years, including ones who have been successful in raising investment through Dragons Den. With a background in strategy and marketing, Ben can work with a company to quickly establish a way forward that plays to the strengths of the founders whilst putting in steps to mitigate against any weakness that is in the business.

Lunch is provided in the ticket cost, as are refreshments throughout the day.

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